Raised on Rock? I’m raising my glass!

I was raised on pop, never giving a second thought to rock.

My how people change…

My boyfriend had been torturing me to accompany him to see Raised on Rock for months and though initially I wasn’t keen on the idea, I found my curiosity rising and eventually gave way, thinking that if the evening sucked, it would at least it gave me the opportunity to pen a new review. On entry to the club the atmosphere was quiet and calm, until that is we made our way upstairs. Suddenly I found myself surrounded by masses of people forging their way onto the dancefloor, clearly longing for the act of the moment to make their appearance.

When the lads finally leaped onto the stage, I found myself becoming just as jittery as the fans around me, though in all honesty I couldn’t understand why. I’d never even heard of these guys!
Then out of the blue I was exposed to a vast array of classics I wasn’t expecting, and though I’ve never been a Bon Jovi or AC/DC fan I couldn’t help joining in and bouncing around like a fantastic enthusiast.
By the time the evening was drawing to a close I found myself jumping to the stage to shake hands with the band, and talked about them the whole way home, much to my boyfriend’s amusement.

On paper I never would have given the name much more than a second glance, but now I know to think twice.

Raised on Rock? I’m raising my glass!

Chantelle Phillips